Race Day

Location: Little White Salmon, WA

Date: May 2-3 2015

The Little White Race is a celebration of the Pacific Northwest kayaking culture. Steep drops, a tight community, and one of the most beautiful river corridors in the World await those who want to step it up and not just run the Little White….. but race it. The Little White Race is an annual event that is put on by World Class Academy. The first official event took place in June 2011.


The Little White Salmon race was developed to celebrate the community of kayakers whose church is the Little White Salmon and whose days of attendance is not limited to Sundays. Running the Little White is not just about you, but the group you are with. For this reason and to use a model that closer represents actual creek boating, the Little White Salmon Race is a team competition. This year we have also decided to add an individual race to the event schedule.


This year the LW Race will include two events: the Extreme Race and the Slalom Race. Times will not be combined and competitors can enter in either one or both of these events.

Extreme Race - The Extreme Race is the classic LW event. Competitors will start out at the top of Getting Busy and will race all the way to the pool at Wishbone. This year there will be two categories: Singles and Teams. Competitors can either choose to race this course alone or with teams of 1-4. The fastest time in each of these categories will be announced.

Slalom - Flow and logistics permitting, this years race will include a slalom event at Spirit Falls. This event will happen directly after the extreme race. After the last competitor has finished the extreme race course, the event will move down to Spirit Falls where gates will be set up above and below Spirit Falls. This will be a separate time from the extreme race, however the fastest combined time of the two events will be announced at the awards ceremony.

The 2013 Spirit Slalom Course - photo by Tait Trautman

The 2013 Spirit Slalom Course
- photo by Tait Trautman


- While safety will be set up in key places throughout the course, it is the responsibility of each team member to set safety for each other….. just like in “real” kayaking. If you choose to race in the singles category, please realize you are accepting a much higher risk as you will forgo the safety of being in a team.

- Maximum boat length is  9 feet

- Each racer must carry a throw-bag

- Pre-Registration is required at the competitors meeting, which will take place on May 2nd

- No private parking at the put-in or take-out

Baby Bird takes flight…… 2011
- photo by Max Blackburn


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