Little White Salmon Race 2015

Little White Salmon Race 2015 May 2-3

After a year of abnormal weather in the Pacific Northwest, there was some serious indecision over this year’s race LW Race date. We appreciate everyones patience and apologize for leaving everyone in the dark…… but the day has come for light to shine down upon the beauty of decision, commitment, and another LW Race.

The LW Race will be on May 2-3, which will allow for the chance of better flow. This also will allow the students and staff of World Class Academy to help organize the event as these dates fall within their semester.

We are excited for the 2015 LW Race and hope you will come share in the celebration of one of the world’s most pristine rivers.


LW Race 2014 Sat May 31, 2014

Another year has gone by and the Little White Salmon River in all her majesty has been re-charging the batteries. The snow came and then the rain, filling the underground springs, the heart of the Little White with its liquid bloodline, ready to pump out the raw energy and nutrients to all of her many and wonderful extremities. Wood has come and gone. Some decided to stay, evidence of the importance in which the LW holds this race vs the hierarchy of nature. Oh yes, the Pachamama of the Little White has been hungry this year and on Sat May 31 we mean to honor and feed her legacy the only way we know how…… racing with clean, fast, efficient and beautiful stroke after stroke after stroke after stroke………………..LW RACE 2014. YEAR FOUR. 

LW 2014 Art

Little White Race 2013

We are excited to announce the 2013 Little White Race, which is set for Sunday May, 26 2013. Please take a look at the information as the race format has changed slightly… and be sure to register if you plan to race! Safe lines.

See you soon….



Results for LW Race 2012!

The Little White Salmon Race 2012 was an epic event with an all-star crew of kayakers and volunteers. At the end of the day we had 54 racers, 7 swims, 25+ Spirit descents, 4 boats in chaos, and some of the fastest times and smoothest events yet! Due to the high volume of racers, we expanded the course to stretch from Getting Busy to Wishbone, making the race course to include Island Drop for the very first time
Check out the full results under the Results tab, but congrats to our top three finishing teams!

1. Evan Garcia and Isaac Levinson 14 min 58 sec

2. Tie: Lane Jacobs and Darren Albright / Jure Poberaj and Louis Geltman 15 min 14 sec

3. Rush Sturges and Todd Anderson 15 min 16 sec

Andy McMurray coming into the finish line

Thank you to NRS and Kayak Shed for helping make this event possible.

On the press: T-shirts and Hats

Weather is great, water is high, the race is almost here! Only a few more days memorizing lines and prepping for the event. Adam Elliott just finished the design work for our new hats and t-shirts. We’ve ordered 36 shirts and 8 hats. Tell us, should we be ordering more?

(actual placement of graphics and sizing may change – but not too much)

$15 / shirt. 50/50 blend premium quality. White ink on black shirt.

$20 / hat. Flat brimmed flex-fit with embroidered white salmon and paddle.

World Class Academy Presents the Little White Salmon Race

Time to celebrate Spring in the Gorge with a toast to life and kayaking mixed with a bit of competitive fervor………

Check out this website for all the information on the upcoming LW race, which will be held on Sunday, June 3, 2012. Please be sure to look over the race format and the rules. Also, only those competitors who have pre-registred will be able to race. Check out the Event Schedule for all the details and be sure to register.

Dr. Johnson and the promised one

This event will open up the AWP Race Championship Series and will be a qualifying race. Come out and celebrate Pacific Northwest Whitewater with some of the most talented kayakers in the World……